I could be a genius,
I could be a cheat.
It's a thin line,
and I'm fuckin' with it.



Like what’s wrong with me I can’t even get girls to talk to me but they talk to assholes and get played.

I’m just looking for a cute girl to do cute things with

Like I’m a nice guy that dresses nice and does cute things for cute girls but none ever like me or anything


There’s this cute girl that sits in front of me in English and she likes cats.
I show her cute pics of cats or gifs and today I showed her one of a cat swimming.

After class the guy that sits next to her was like “yo nice play, when she turned around I peeked at her phone and saw nudes she took on her phone.”

Story of my life. Show girl pictures of cats, and other dudes see her naked.


joined this skeleton shit too late man. thrown into the deep end of the bone pool. drownin in calcium and shit. osteoporosis out the ears bruh

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Think about how fast he snitched tho

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don’t do pot… do pan

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Lana Del Rey and Marina and The Diamonds Blog

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I put X-mas lights on my Roomba then set it loose…

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